Alea Lovely: SmugMug KC Meeting September 2011

Last night was a really fun time meeting up with 13 other local photographers at our monthly Kansas City SmugMug meeting! It was at Layne Haley Photography’s studio in Strawberry Hill, Kansas. Our featured speaker was a local talent, Alea Lovely of Alea Lovely Videography + Photography. She is one seriously talented woman and you can follow her on her blog at

Her theme was “Back to the Basics” and she spoke about branding, videography with DSLRs, and how to set yourself apart in the market. She is an excellent speaker and you could just tell everyone was eager to hear more.

She started sharing with us her journey in the photography business and how, in the beginning, she got so caught up in trying to emulate what everyone else was doing and said, “I forgot what I wanted to do… I lost myself.” At that point in her life, she was fortunate to have the opportunity to move to England, where she had a chance to get away and start shooting for herself and what she wanted to do. She took this chance to really get to know her camera and figure out her own personal style. It was there that she started experimenting with videography with her DSLR and really fell in love with it. She also spoke about social media and how much it has revolutionized her business and her ability to connect with future clients. Alea encouraged us to start crafting our style and who we are and what we want our business to become.

One of the most inspiring things I took away from last night was how a photograph should be beautiful simply because it is beautiful, because you intentionally took it that way. How you compose the shot, finding the perfect light… to shoot the picture the way we want it to look the first time, in camera and without a lot of post-processing.

Here are a couple shots from the meeting:

SmugMug Kansas City - Alea Lovely - Wedding Videography and Photography
SmugMug Kansas City - Alea Lovely - Wedding Videography and PhotographySmugMug Kansas City - Alea Lovely - Wedding Videography and PhotographySmugMug Kansas City - Alea Lovely - Wedding Videography and Photography

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My name is Tina Kraemer of Pure in Art Photography ( and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in the greater Kansas City metro area. My favorite camera is my 5DMII and I love shooting people in the beautiful sunlight during autumn evenings! I love my Kansas City SMUG because we have talented and inspiring speakers and the photographers who are attend are always willing to share and learn from each other.
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