Michael & Sarah: Independence Wedding Photographer

The day couldn’t have been more perfect, the weather was gorgeous, and Michael, a U.S. Marine, looked very sharp and Sarah was absolutely stunning. Their flowers were made up of orange calla lilies (my favorite!) and burgundy red roses, which looked great mixed in with the whites and blues of their outfits. They got married at St. Marks Catholic Church with the high, beautiful architecture of the ceilings and lots of pouring in from above, and their reception was held at the Hilton Garden Inn, both in Independence, Missouri. I shot this wedding with my good friend Jana of Jana Marie Photography. I loved when Michael and Sarah used his sword to cut their cake, definitely have never seen that happen before!! My favorite pics from the day were during the mother-son and father-daughter dances, you can see so much love in their expressions. Oh and those adorable little flower girls who were having a blast the whole day taking pictures with their point-and-shoot of the bridal party and cracking up at every picture they took!

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