My Life: Featured in the Filipino Association of Kansas City Tambuli Newsletter

Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City FeaturedTina Kraemer, Owner of Pure in Art Photography

I love being involved in my local community and specifically with the Filipino community in Kansas City. My mother is from the Philippines and has always instilled in us never to forget “where we came from.” So even though my sisters and I were born here in the United States, we hold true to a lot of the traditions and cultures from the Philippines and are active in the local Filipino community and events.

I was honored when my friend, past client, and editor-in-chief, Nescelle Caberto, asked me to submit an article to be featured in the “Meet Our Faces in the Community” in the Tambuli Newsletter, a monthly newsletter sent out to the members of the Filipino Association here in Kansas City where I discuss my career path in photography and how I got to where I am today.

Read my article in the “Meet Our Faces in the Community” section of the Tambuli Newsletter.

Download the April 2012 Edition of the Tambuli Newsletter. I am featured on pages 12-13.


In Hawaii they say Aloha. In the Philippines we say Mabuhay. It is a warm welcome from a truly sincere and hospitable people. Filipinos are a sociable group with strong family ties. So join us and share the joy and togetherness that is the Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City!

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  • Mike Summers

    Congradulations and what an eliquent way to express the culture of the Philippino culture. Well done :)))ReplyCancel