Introducing Riley Alston: Kansas City Model Photographer

Here is her big debut as a first-time model. I bet you can’t guess how old she is. That’s exactly what I thought when I first met her…. I was modeling in a fashion show with styling by Tamara from Encore Boutique with hair and makeup by Pinkie Couture located at Runways Boutique in Leawood, Kansas. I arrived early for hair and makeup when all of a sudden this bright ball of sunshine comes walking in the door with her mom and wants to try on all of these beautiful, hand-made boutique dresses. She changes into her first outfit and walks out the curtains and down the catwalk the store has set up in the back of the store, rocking it all the way down. I could have swore she would be walking in this fashion show with me, but turns out she’s just shopping for fun. I chatted with her for a bit and casually mentioned that when she’s ready for her senior portraits (as it looked to me that she was trying on prom dresses) that I’m a photographer and would love to do them. She said ok… but that’s in like 5 years! I was like whoaa, you’re only 13! This girl is 5′ 10″ and seriously knows how to rock a runway! She has everything going for her to be a very successful model in that industry, not only being a sweetheart, but a real drive to do something she loves! And as you can see below, something she is also very good at. We took all of these pictures during this mild Kansas winter in her backyard and by the neighborhood pond. The lighting is just gorgeous, especially by the lake when we get all of those beautiful reflections and sun bouncing in from behind to light up her hair. This was a great opportunity for both of us, as I wanted to practice shooting a model and she was wanting pictures to use in her modeling portfolio. You can bet you will be seeing more of her on my blog in the future!… And maybe on America’s Next Top Model!

  • Riley

    Wow tina! That intro is awesome! Thanks for everything!ReplyCancel

  • Eric Gawlick

    Wow first of all she goes to my school at harmony middle school. This boy and I like her be ause of her personality and Sammy thinks of her cuteness so do I a little bit good luck riley! Please let her know we have posted somethingReplyCancel

  • Lauryn Nelson

    Woohoo go Riley!!! You are a great friend to me! You are gorgeous! I think I should get paid because you used my backyard…. And P.S. I’m going to be your but in that beauty pageant hahaReplyCancel