My motto: PRAY often, DREAM daily, and LOVE with every fiber of your being. 

Hello! I'm Tina, a midwestern girl from Kansas City (the Kansas side... Go Jayhawks!) that traded BBQ for tacos when my husband, Cody’s, job brought us to Tucson, Arizona. We added to our family when our daughter, Kinsley, was born 3 years ago and our son, Cason, born this September, and the desert truly began to feel like home. 

Preserving relationships and the stories they share through visual imagery is a natural culmination of my love for people, organization (hello label maker!) and pursuit of joy in the everyday moments that make up my crazy, beautiful life. I come from a large family (I am the oldest of 6!) and I know first hand how important photographs are to sustaining our connection when miles separate us.

When I don’t have a camera in hand, you’ll probably find me in the kitchen. I love baking, especially pies (I have a yummy apple pie recipe if you need one!) and planning dinner parties for my friends. Quality time with people I love is my primary love language but wedding cake or ice cream (with oreos!) are a close second.

about Tina

I believe in soft blankets, good friends, and eating cake for breakfast. I believe coffee is the acceptable term for how I take my cream and sugar. 

I believe that the most beautiful part of a person is the beauty they don’t see in themselves, and nothing is better than being the one to show it to them. I believe in being the reason someone smiles. Every day. 

I believe in dance parties in the kitchen and spontaneous Disney karaoke sessions. The louder the better. I believe romance is lived out in the everyday. It is the thoughtful gestures and quiet ways we love each other that matter most. 

I believe that failure isn’t an end, it is an opportunity to learn. I believe that prayer is the only way to battle life’s trials. I believe that hard times can always be overcome with the support of family.

I believe in taking your own path, even if you are the only one walking it. I believe in being a voice for those who can’t speak. I believe that there is healing power in a smile and a warm embrace. 

I believe..

You’ll probably never see him at a photoshoot or at a wedding, (unless he’s a guest!) but he’s always there, providing a skilled eye to review my work, packing my gear, caring for our daughter, and cheering me on. We are in this together.

In His Words... 

Tina is full of energy and excitement. She has a real passion for photography and everyone she comes in contact with feels that excitement and passion. It just rubs off on them. She truly has an eye for photography and interacting with her clients. It really warms her heart seeing how happy her clients are with their pictures, which continues to fuel her passion for the art. This girl loves food so if you ever need to get her attention, just feed her :-P

{Love, Cody}

My Behind the Scenes Partner...

 What I create is a reflection of the heart God has given me to love others, and each of you are a work of art.

This name came from a doodle in my prayer journal while I read a devotional on Psalm 51:10. Create in me a pure heart. Pure in heart. This is how I wanted to approach art; approach life. I wanted a heart that encouraged others even if I had no gain. I wanted a heart that saw good in people before their flaws. And more than anything, I wanted others to see this in me; in the work I created. My sketch took shape into a heart surrounding the word art, and I knew this was the name of my business. Pure in Art.

why pure in art?


wedding cakes


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