You deserve images that let you live in the moments you want to remember, images that evoke the pure joy that you felt on your wedding day. Combining a romantic, editorial feel (think images that grace the cover of a wedding magazine!) with a photojournalistic approach focused on capturing the emotion and movement on the day, your wedding memories will be preserved in a manner authentic to you, your love, and the joy you shared on your special day. 

For me, family always comes first. I see your family portrait time, not as a box to check on my shot list, but as the preservation of valuable relationships that created who you are. Throughout the wedding day, I aim to capture the warm embraces and candid laughs of those around you. I am not only invested in you as a couple, but I will treat your family and friends like my own.

Your wedding photographs - these tangible representations of your relationship - preserved in heirloom albums, and as prints on your walls, means you have images to pass down long after your hard drive fails. They will serve as daily reminders of who you were at your best, and anchor to cling to when things are at their worst. Carefree smiles may not come as easily at times, but now those smiles reflect the depth of life experiences, making these reminders so much sweeter.

my philosophy

When we hold photographs in our hands, we see more than the external beauty of the ones we love. We see the natural beauty of their character that radiates from within. More than creating perfectly composed portraits, it is my mission to create imagery that captures your character: the pure, candid love you have for each other and the familial relationships that built you into the people you are today.

I believe that the way you feel while you're taking photos truly reflects on what you think of them. My approach to posing is more, let's say, UNPOSED. During your engagement session, I have lots of fun games and prompts to get you to relax and be comfortable and actually take your mind off of the fact that we're taking photos. While they might seem silly at first, you'll naturally ease into smiling, laughing, and truly enjoying one another. 

I strive to get those beautiful romantic shots that show the connection between the two of you while my prompts bring out those natural reactions you fell in love with when you first saw my work. I want you to be able to look back at these images we create and say things like "Oh, that is so totally him!" or "I always love the way she squinches her nose like that."

I also incorporate a technique called Beloved: a hands-on, have fun, feel good adventure. It celebrates and explores… showing love, feeling love, and being loved. It creates a comfortable and inviting environment for my couples to have authentic expressions and have a lot of fun at the same time.

the unposed beloved technique

Relationships are the core to what I do. I want us to be friends so that when I am capturing your day, I already know what is most important to you. 

01. Let's be friends! 

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Yay! Now let’s make sure your date is secured so that we can make this dream a reality! I’ll send you a custom online booking proposal where you can review your package and pay your retainer fee to officially lock in your date on my calendar! Now that you’re an official Pure in Art Sweetheart, it’s time to get started!

02. Save the Date

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Let the fun begin! After you book, we’ll schedule your engagement session. And don’t worry... I’ll teach you EVERYTHING! I thrive with helping our couples get comfortable and feel like themselves. After the first 20 minutes of your session, you will be pros. GUARANTEED. I’ve NEVER had a couple not feel at ease! Even if you think you’re not photogenic or if your fiancé “hates having pictures taken”, you will be killing it after 20 minutes have gone by! That’s all the time we need to get rid of nerves and start capturing the joy of this new season of your life together! After your engagement session you’ll be featured on my blog and a few weeks later will also be sent your online gallery of images to download and share however you like.

03. Sweetheart Session

Once we’re about 3 months out from your big day, we’ll reconnect and get on the same page to prepare for your wedding! I love creating custom timelines for my couples to ensure that you don’t miss out on your dream wedding photos! You know all of those dreamy portraits, fun friend shots, and detail images that look like they are straight out of a magazine?? I work with my Pure in Art Sweethearts to plan their day so that they can actually have images like that of their OWN! After 7 years of photographing weddings in a magazine-quality manner, I know how to create the perfect timeline for a photography-friendly wedding day!

04. Timeline

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It’s here! It’s time to relax, celebrate, and let me get to work! Speaking from experience, this day will go by in the blink of an eye. I am there to be the eyes for my couples so that I can preserve those moments you didn’t even get to see so that when you see your final gallery, you will get to relive all of the moments from the day. I will capture the traditional shots that every couple needs while also capturing the moments in between. One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is the portrait time with just the two of you and getting to meet my couple’s families and best friends!! After the wedding day, you’ll be featured on my blog in the next couple of weeks!

05. Your Wedding Day! 

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After your wedding day is over, you will receive an online gallery full of all of your wedding memories! Like HUNDREDS of them! I encourage my Pure in Art Sweethearts to sit down with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine the evening your gallery goes live and enjoy reliving the wedding day through your wedding day story! Soon after your gallery is delivered, you will receive your album design (if you ordered an album!) and you can begin the customization process and then anxiously await your first family heirloom to arrive at your doorstep!

06. Final Gallery & Album Design

the process

I value my time with my clients and want each of my couples to feel loved, so I limit my weddings to only 12 a year to ensure that each experience with me is everything you hoped it would be. 

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