I didn’t really think it was possible to look at a picture and be taken back to that exact moment in time, but when I look at the pictures from our wedding I instantly go back to that day; all the emotion, the excitement, butterflies, and pure happiness, come rushing back!

Anna-Alyse & Ryan

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Do you want a "one-size fits all photographer" or a new lifelong friend? A friend who's an expert behind the camera, motivates, inspires, and captures your emotions on your most special of days, and who is your cheerleader who rallies your family & friends around you. If you want ordinary find someone else, if you want extraordinary then Tina is the photographer for you! She made us feel like long lost friends from our very first meeting and she has made us feel like family ever since. Tina always made our needs feel like her #1 priority, and her attention to detail help script our wedding day down to the minute while allowing the flexibility to handle the unexpected with ease and stress free. I frequently get comments on the beauty of my bride and our venue when people browse our photos, but it was Tina who captured the essence forever on film and I am forever overcome with emotion when I admire the pictures she took. With dozens of photographers to choose from in Tucson I can see how it might be a little overwhelming for the future couple to make a selection, but let me assure you, choosing Tina to capture your special moments will be the easiest decision you'll ever make!

Sarah & Matt

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The pictures were gorgeous and make me cry every time I see them. They're beautiful and perfect in every way. Tina really has an eye for details coming through in the form of beautiful photos. She caught all the "little things" that I had forgotten about until I saw all the photos for the first time. I absolutely loved that.

Stephanie & Michael

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As the Mother of the Bride, my only wish was for my daughter to have the perfect wedding of her dreams. It takes a lot to make that happen and it all goes by so quickly and you can only hope someone has captured all the special moments. This is where Tina comes in!! How can I ever begin to thank you?! You captured every moment, every aspect and then some! Your talent is truly like no other that I’ve seen! The things you thought of to get that perfect shot… those oh so special moments that you captured… knowing and remembering names... to being on the dance floor to get photos of us celebrating! WOW!!! Everything was done with such ease, we were completely comfortable with you and your team. Your personality and love for what you do is evident and shines through in all that you do and carries over to your clients. I am forever grateful that we were blessed with you for this special day!!

Mother of the Bride, Sandra

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Tina is such a joyful person, which fostered an environment where my boyfriend smiled and where we could laugh and act naturally. She is such a sweetheart and is so wonderful to be around, let alone bring out what you are trying to capture and preserve.

Scintilla & Chul

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As the groom, I have to be honest and say at the outset I was a little skeptical about whether spending this much money on a photographer was really worthwhile. However, I knew how much getting a good photographer meant to my wife to be, so I acquiesced. In hindsight, as usual she was right and I was wrong - it's one of the best investments we've ever made together. I'm still frequently looking back at our photos and smiling. Tina has a wonderful gift for using natural light, and capturing intimate, funny and beautiful moments both of her subjects, and the environment around them. She did a fantastic job at putting us at ease, helping us pose naturally when needed, and was responsive to all of our requests and ideas. Finally, she's simply a really nice, kind and genuine person. You simply can't go wrong with her in my opinion.

Kara & Ross

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The engagement session was a blast, even for my husband, who doesn’t typically look forward to those types of things! Tina stayed in touch with us the entire time and has the sweetest ways of sending reminders during all the busy wedding planning bustle. I was especially thankful (and very impressed) that she coordinated with the other vendors of my wedding team to make sure she was where she needed to be on the big day. Both my husband and I are so pleased with her and the whimsical way in which she captured our wedding! Tina is a true professional from the start, but by the end, she is a friend!

Sarah & Erik

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She made everyone feel comfortable on the day of the wedding, especially us, the bride and groom. She has so much energy and is truly passionate about what she does. Her attention to detail is impeccable. We have received and continue to receive so many compliments on our photos.

Aleen & Rich

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Tina is everything you could ever ask for in a photographer. Our engagement session and wedding were so much fun, we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves, knowing that she would get the best shots. The day of, she made the entire process run smoothly with a custom timeline and detailed plan of how the whole thing would go. If there was anything we weren't sure about she was more than happy to help guide, correct, and inspire us along the way. Not to mention that the pictures are fantastic and we got them sooner that we expected! It was truly great experience and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for professional photographer. 

Alex & Jake

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There are many things that are important when getting married. At the top of the list is a good photographer. Tina goes above and beyond any expectations that I had. She is professional and you can tell that she loves her job. She is also an amazing person and through the months of working with her, she became a very good friend. She is so good at what she does that she will freestyle and try new things only for them to come out looking amazing! My wife and I will be able to relive the most special day over again with our pictures.

Brittany & John

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Tina was wonderful to work with and made us feel so comfortable and natural while she was shooting. All of our wedding party had the best things to say about working with her. And perhaps most importantly, we are still in love with all of our pictures.

Amelia & Tim

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