Beth: Kansas City Maternity Photographer

  1. eloisa Sarol says:

    what a beautiful picture and it is a special one since it is my lovely baby- beth…. great pic tina.. what a beautiful gift for beth and cole… something to remember

  2. Cynda & Mike Summers says:

    How could we be more proud? Beth, you’ve been remarkably mature and a Wonderful mom to Ryleigh, and now you and Nate will be Great parents to Cole! What a nice Gift to have this all documented by the creative talent your sister Tina. We love our whole family 馃檪 and all the love they we are blessed to witness. These picutes are worth more than a 1000 words for someone who was still working Full Time, on her feet, even after this date; just amazing!!

  3. Tim Edwards says:

    Your photographs are amazing! I’d like you to do a shoot with my family in a setting similar to what you’ve done with Eloisa and Ivan. I work with Eloisa so you can call me there or email me.

  4. Amanda says:

    Amazing lighting and coloring. I love!

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