Katherine & Andrew | A Wedding in Wesley Chapel at Church of the Resurrection

  1. Mike Summers says:

    What a Blessing to have so many positive things happen in one day!
    The marriage of my youngest daughter to a truly great man. I feel God will continue to watch over them as they grow in their relationship.

  2. Eloisa /Ivan says:

    Great pictures… again, you always capture the great memories especially on your sister’s and Andrew’s wedding day. Thanks, Tina. Good luck and best wishes Kathy and Andrew

  3. Katherine says:

    Love them so much Tee! I’m so happy with them and we can’t wait to order an album:) thank you for all you hard work as a photographer and maid of honor. It truly was a dream come true

  4. Michael Summers says:

    Love this pics & memories! First & Only time I’ve done any dancing! Nicely done Tina!

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