Kayla & Ben | Tucson Wedding at Oasis Wild Horse Ranch

  1. Mike Summers says:

    Wonderful wedding, Great pictures, Nice Venue and I love the sealed box too!

  2. Alice Riisness says:

    What a beautiful wedding. These pictures brought me back to how magical that day was for my family. Thank-you for your amazing photography!

  3. Mildred Reese says:

    This was one of the most beautiful Wedding pictues I have seen in my 90 YRS

  4. Shawna Pauley says:

    These are all so amazing! Every single one. Was such a fun wedding and you’re a great photographer

  5. Jenessa Hooper says:

    Such wonderful pictures. Makes me want to get married all over again. So sad we missed the wedding but so thankful I can relive the day through your photos.

  6. Rachelle Powell says:

    What a beautiful celebration! The photos are really amazing!

  7. Jason Taylor says:

    What a gorgeous day it was! So happy for the wonderful couple! These photos really capture the magic of the day and will always be a fantastic reminder of that. Thanks for the fantastic photography!

  8. Casey Norman says:

    Gorgeous Photographs! It was such a beautiful wedding.

  9. Splash Terri says:

    Beautiful photos, makes me a bit teary eyed… sorry I couldn’t travel for the big day, thanks for sharing these.

  10. Jason Taylor says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful day! What great artistic work with the photos, they really shine.

  11. Benjamin Levine says:

    So happy to of had this experience with the most beautiful person I’ve ever known! Now everyday being married to my wife is a dream come true!!

  12. Jesse Sigurdson says:

    Happy for you sister. May Ben and you have a blessed marriage. You had a great wedding. God bless!

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