Stephanie & Joe | Spirit Tree Inn Wedding Photos | Patagonia Wedding Photographer

  1. Jana Marie says:

    Tina you are a rockstar! You have always been one my favorite artists to watch. You have grown so much and your work is so so so dreamy! You’ve nailed your style on the head. Your hard work has paid off. So proud of you. One of my favorites in all of the land!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    PS. These details are fantastic!

  2. Mike Summers says:

    Wow! Tina, I thought you may have overstated the beauty of the wedding, but NO! It is like Perfect! I loved the First Looks as you said they should be (more intimate) and the venue, weather, everything just so fabulous! Myself, the note on her Dad’s tie, brought a tear to my eyes! Can’t say enough good things…very well done!

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