JP & April: A Grand Wedding at Midland Theatre

  1. Nicole Forsythe says:

    These pictures are so cool – and this was the best wedding I’ve ever been to ever! What an amazing party! Congratulations guys – can’t wait to attend you anniversary parties:-)

  2. Armisa Cullens says:

    Wow these pics are the best pics I have ever seen. Very NICE!!!!!!l Love them All!!!

  3. Edgar says:

    JP, loved the pics. The male spin on the Bridesmaid poster is effin funny. Congratulations.

  4. herald says:

    Really amazing pics, should make it into a wedding magazine and write about it, really Good photographer!!! Herald

  5. Stephanie McCabe says:

    Beautiful, fun and full of feeling! Congrats JP and April!

  6. Katie says:

    These are great shots! I especially love the posed bridesmaids…followed by the posed groomsmen! Hilarious. Really well done, both with the fun, animated shots as well as the serious, posed ones. Congrats, April & Jaypee! 🙂

  7. Krystina tongson says:

    Even against the weather te pics look amazing!!!!!! Just got emotional once again looking at the pics. Great job, Tina!!!!!

  8. JP says:

    The photos are gorgeous. I can’t stop cracking up at that Bridesmaids poster photos too! Haha! Thank you everyone. It was an incredible experience and a kickass party! Over-the-top fun.

  9. Cecile O'Hara says:

    Pictures are stunning!!! I think they caught all of you so well! Super creative and fun… just like the two of you 😉

  10. Wonderful job as always Tina! So proud of you! This is a beautiful wedding!!!!!

  11. Carlo Dix says:

    These photos were phenomenal! I love the pic when J.P and all the groomsmen are walking down the hallway. I keep hearing the theme music in Kill Bill playing in my head when the Yakuza come to fight Uma Thurman. That day was awesome and Tina and her crew did awesome on the pics!!

  12. RITA PEREZ says:

    Really great pictures. it was a pleasure looking at them all.

  13. Bryan P says:

    awesome reliving this!!!

  14. Maresa Taylor says:

    Beautiful couple…beautiful wedding…beautiful pics!!

  15. Grace says:

    Love Love Love
    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day! These pics are amazing! Brings me right back to the day. The pics really capture the feeling of that day…so much LOVE.

  16. sharon says:

    GORGEOUS!!! so happy for you guys! amazing pictures!

  17. nickie pearl says:

    Love this couple!! AMAZING PHOTOS!!! Best of luck you two!!

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