Angel | Senior Portrait Photographer

  1. Michael C Summers says:

    Absolutely the BEST Senior pictures I’ve seen, and I don’t say that because I know the photographer! Angel, you’re stunningly beautiful and Tina captured that beauty very well.

  2. Martha Babbitt says:

    What a lovely young lady! Angel, you are gorgeous & Teen Bean you did a great shoot as always……..

  3. Cheryl Hess Fiedler says:

    From a baby to a beautiful young woman!

  4. Rachel Cochenour says:

    Very pretty pics!

  5. Jenee Marie Babic says:

    Wow my sister has grown into a beautiful young lady! …u can stop now! …ps I better get some copies of these! Love ya!

  6. Emily Beyst says:

    Oh my gosh Angel Elizabeth Kraemer You are a show stopper you are soooo gorgeous! You totally live up to you name 馃榾 You’re beautiful in every way! 馃榾 These photos are so professional! I love them! Miss you girl I hope we will see one another again someday 馃榾 God willing 馃榾 Love you Angel 馃榾

  7. Emily Beyst says:

    God bless you too 馃榾 <3

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