Loren & Doug | Tucson Engagement Photos

  1. Mike Summers says:

    Wow. How you were all blessed with these engagement pictures, the fun time doing them, and the stunning beauty of the trees & the sunset. What a GREAT combination!

  2. Alicia says:

    Congrats guys! Good luck with the wedding planning!

  3. Loren Stringer says:

    This is sooo amazing!!!!We had a blast that day! And the fact that we had the opportunity to include our boy (Charlie) makes it that much better!!!!We loved it! not to mention the insanely amazing photos! Thank you Tina!

  4. Keri Billings says:

    Love these two! These pictures make it all so real and I’m so excited for them. I can’t wait to watch them grow as a couple and as a family!!!

  5. Eric Croy says:

    I’m excited for you too! Don’t forget about us once you’re finally married!! Haha, relationships are 50/50 it should never be one sided that’s the key to happiness!

  6. Weston Akins says:

    I am truly both happy motivated by Doug and Loren’s hard work and love for eachother. I can honeslty say they are meant to be together and only bring out the strength and joy in one another. Love you both.

  7. Gaby Fleming says:

    Love you guys, can’t wait to be a part of your special day!! These photos are amazing 馃榾

  8. Becca Akins says:

    These pictures are beautiful!! I am so jealous of how good they came out lol. Doug and Loren are the best and I am glad these engagement pictures captured their happiness and love for each other. <3

  9. Jennifer Maloney says:

    These pictures look amaze balls. 馃檪

  10. Sarah Mason says:

    Amazing! love the pics!

  11. Amber says:

    Gorgeous pics and couple! Congrats and best wishes to you both!

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