In The Kitchen | Best Pecan Pie Recipe

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love these photos, this pie looks amazing!

  2. Mike Summers says:

    I love your “in the kitchen” blog! Even though I too know about those pecans from Pilot Grove, and while reading your description made it sound so Yummy, as McKenzie said, the picture made me want some NOW!!! Great pictures that are worth More than a Thousands words (each!).

  3. Mckenzie Coyle says:

    Ok, so I’m not the biggest pecan fan…BUT these pictures make me a fan. Beautiful! I now want some of this pie, regardless of how I feel about pecans! haha

  4. Martha Babbitt says:

    Remember too, the cherries you picked and the lama’s!

  5. Jessica Reed Lumpkin says:

    My family is from the south, so we are big on pecan pie! This looks amazing! Love the photos!

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